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GirlsLoveYogaPants.com was created to chronicle the yoga wear industry that has become a world wide phenomenon. We will be hosting a weekly blog showcasing a new yoga model each week while covering topics trending in the yoga wear industry.

Our first featured yoga model is Halina, sporting a blue sports top and black long form yoga pants. Halina is showcased among the beautiful flower gardens located on Pipeline Road just north of the entrance to Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver.  

Halina is wearing a flared leg style of yoga pants (also called boot cut), which is  the most popular type for casual wear and a variety of physical activities. This style is super comfortable for all out stretching in yoga and pilates workouts, and also looks great and fashionable for everyday use.

Stay tuned for the low down on other popular styles in upcoming posts.

See you next week!

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  1. NIce looking site, awesome scenery (in all ways!) Can’t wait to see more posts

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