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This summer we began shooting a feature length documentary film, “Yoga Pants and Beyond”, which will chronicle the amazing rise in popularity of yoga and fitness wear fashion in recent years. Our film will explore the origins of this fashion craze, the Lululemon success story, and the positive dimensions of yoga and fitness, healthy eating, and a positive and conscious mind set.

The film will delve into the personalities and stories of the most important people behind this massively popular fashion trend: the women who wear yoga and fitness wear in their everyday life, in activities from yoga and aerobics to shopping and going to class, and even in the workplace and for nightlife. Our stunning visuals will showcase vibrant Vancouver women from all walks of life in the hottest new fitness wear designs, set in front of gorgeous Vancouver backdrops, from Stanley Park beaches to Lynn Canyon forests and river scenes, to Whistler mountains and waterfalls. We will seek to uncover the mystique behind the yoga wear phenomenon, why women and men alike love these fashions, and why they have become an absolute fashion staple for so many women’s wardrobes.

The film will also explore the philosophy and strategy behind Lululemon’s amazing success story – from its beginnings in a modest design shop in a Kitsilano yoga studio to its position as a multi-billion dollar world-wide leader in fitness fashion. Shooting is ongoing in the fall months and we continue to scout Vancouver’s most talented and colorful yoga enthusiasts.

Are you a participant in the exploding yoga wear phenomenon?

Are you interested in being featured in our film?

1)     Interviewees: We are looking for health and fitness conscious individuals in the Lower Mainland to be a part of this documentary film, and to have their voices and opinions heard. We will be interviewing both female and male subjects interested in the yoga wear phenomenon, to gather information and perspectives from a broad demographic group.

2)     Featured enthusiasts: If you enjoy wearing yoga and fitness wear as an important part of your wardrobe, and you are comfortable in front of the camera, we will be showcasing select participants sporting the latest in fitness fashion, set against the backdrop of Vancouver’s most stunning natural scenery.

All interested individuals are invited to send an email to Paul Patrick at paul@girlsloveyogapants.com with a brief bio and a rundown on why you are a great candidate to be a part of this film documenting this amazing fashion phenomenon. Please also include a head shot and full shot if you are interested in being showcased as a fitness wear enthusiast in the film.

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