Q?What is the Girls Love Yoga Pants blog all about?

We decided to provide a forum to explore the amazing phenomenon of the huge popularity of yoga pants and fitness wear as staple item in women’s wardrobes all over the world. We want to provide information and insight into what is behind this amazing fashion trend, both to those who like to wear this clothing, and those who love seeing it worn!

Q?Are all the women on your site professional models?

Absolutely not! We take pride in showcasing not only those who model fashion regularly, but also everyday wearers of yoga clothing and fitness enthusiasts who can’t get enough of these gorgeous fashions.

Q?Your “About” page refers to an upcoming documentary film about the popularity of yoga wear. When will this be released?

We are just beginning to shoot the footage for our film this month and will be shooting throughout the summer months in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We expect the feature to be released by late fall, so keep your eyes open for this stunning visual exploration of the yoga wear phenomenon!

Q?I am a huge fan of these fitness fashions, and am interested in being in your film about the yoga wear craze. How do I get involved?

See our Feature Film section on our About page: it gives a complete rundown on what the film will be about, and details on how to get in touch with us if you would like to offer your opinions on this fascinating fashion trend, or even appear as a featured yoga wear enthusiast.

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